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Mumbai-based Shalini Girish credits the idea of her online store, La Elegante, to her cousin Sharanya for planting it in her head. She had been sourcing accessories already for friends and family. So a bit of convincing from her cousin was all Shalini needed to get on board the ecommerce world.

The 36 year old MBA graduate had given up her corporate career 12 years earlier when marriage and kids happened. Although she caught up on everything she had been wanting to do like swimming, driving, cooking and guitar lessons, plus the never-ending lessons of motherhood, nothing kept her satisfied.. read more

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Shalini is one of those one-person army who entered the entrepreneurship arena with a dream in mind to make it big in the fashion industry. She has an MBA in finance and she used her skills along with her passion in fashion to launch her own startup. La Elegante is an online fashion store where people can buy fashion products and accessories. Her aim is to keep her customers updated with the latest happenings in the world of stylish accessorizing with an interactive platform.

This is what she believes and to be able to do that she spends most of her time nurturing her venture.From procurement to website coding, accounting, and marketing, she handles each and every aspect of la elegante by herself. read more


Hard work, Commitment, and Integrity .There are no shortcuts to success. It is a combination of hard work, commitment and being true to yourself and to your clients. Especially in online business,it is a sale happening on trust gained by word of mouth or thanks to our reviews. That trust is the biggest investment, there is to any business. An added advantage is to read up and keep abreast with the latest trends in the fashion world.

LaElegante has a simple mantra, to provide affordable fashion accessories and traditional ethnic jewellery for the today’s women. Helping women all over celebrate womanhood in all its glory is what we attain to do. Every woman loves to look their best, deserves to feel her best, and should do that without having to feel guilty off spending loads of money. La Elegante strives to do just that. read more


Fashion is a passion at La Elegante’ . Connect for trendy elegant fashion accessories for the modern women. Celebrating Womenhood !!! We specialize in handpicked and exclusive designer Jewellery.







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